Elena Ybarra is an innovative new jewelry brand created by 
Elena du Pont de Compiègne and her mother Beatrice Ybarra. Hence the company’s name, which is a marriage of both their names. Elena started by designing and
manufacturing her own pieces as nothing in the marketplace met with her requirements.

Her mother, a practicing lawyer, soon joined the business enticed by Elena‘s vision of creating a fresh, timeless and elegant approach to jewelry design. The daring and
sophisticated concept differs from the usual glitz and glitter and shows a new
perception of contemporary luxury, which is less about stones than it is about design.  

Elena designs jewelry for the modern woman that adapts itself to being worn to
absolutely any occasion and is simple but bold at the same time. She hopes for her creations to reflect the independent woman’s new and strong position in society.
Powerful jewelry for powerful women.

Elena is uncompromising regarding proportions, wearability and manufacturing.
Everything is in the detail. The jewelry of 18k gold has an impressive weight and is made in Germany and Spain.


Elena Ybarra was born in 1984 in New York to a Venezuelan-Swiss mother and a
German father. She lives in Hamburg and on the island of Sylt. Even though she travels the world, she would not want to live anywhere else.

Both mother and daughter grew up surrounded and influenced by people coming from the fields of arts, architecture, package design and fashion. That is what gave them both the legit conviction of their personal style.